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Bottom Line: If You Are Not Angry You Are Not Paying Attention

(Source: Used by Permission)

The Obama campaign launched a new website entitled "Attack Watch."

AtackWatchThe site has the audacity to repeat the same lie that has been so ingrained in the mind of the public, congress, and our press.

It says, "President Obama is an American-born citizen. The authenticity of his short-form birth certificate was verified by the State of Hawaii as well as nonpartisan organizations like and"

And continues, "In spite of this overwhelming evidence, conspiracy theorists continued to attack the legitimacy of the President's citizenship. In April 2011, President Obama and his attorneys asked the State of Hawaii to release his long-form birth certificate in order to end the distraction. The Hawaii State Department of Health granted the request, and the President's long-form certificate is available online."

How stupid do they think we are? Okay, class, let's review the 'overwhelming evidence' to which they refer. The only evidence that even hints at anything remotely legal are two documents: A certificate and supposed birth certificate. Let's really, honestly, look at this. What do you have?

  • The two documents are self contradictory. For more than two years we were told bluntly that the certificate was all we were going to get.
  • Then, magically, the birth certificate appeared. It was presented so blithely and in such a cavalier fashion to be greatly offensive to many (and to Terry's prison-mates at that time).
  • Not one media outlet challenged the blatant contradiction. Were they lying then, or now?
  • Notwithstanding the utter dissection of destruction of the supposed birth certificate, it doesn't even pass the Sesame Street Test. What is that test? "One of these things is not like the other." We all know the song. My very first response was, "Wait, this looks nothing like any other legitimate birth certificates we've seen from Hawaii."
  • That's it: Two self-contradictory, highly disputed documents, neither of which would, in their current form, would be valid in a court, to get a driver's license, passport, or other documents.
  • We want you to also notice that there is no mention of the two birth announcements (so often and early brought up the Obama administration).
  • And finally, it says nothing about O being a natural born citizen. Duh!

Add to this a hundred other evidentiary findings and it all adds up to this:

  • Birthers are not conspiracy theorists. This is neither a theory nor a conspiracy. It's an outright lie (and lies) on the part of those supporting Obama.
  • Obama has not proven by any legal means he is eligible under the constitution and refuses to do so.

And facing this paltry defense? Thousands of hours of hard work on the part of numerous lawyers, investigators, and regular citizens who simply want the truth. In deference to the fictional Col. Nathan R. Jessep (Jack Nicholson), they can handle the truth.

And what is the truth? The facts are that at the very least something is horribly amiss. At the worst, we are facing a rapid dissolution of Constitutional authority. The congress drummed Anthony Weiner out in a· week for being stupid (see this article). He didn't break a single law. The same can be repeated for many others in the past. Yet event after event after event after event on the part of Obama is simply ignored by the major media or worse, each offense is used as an opportunity to deride those who are simply asking for the most simple forms of evidence.

Every citizen must ask these questions:

  • What could possible be so hard about providing the documentation that every citizen in every organized country possesses and must provide?
  • What is keeping every congressman, senator, thousands of appointees, tens of thousands of sworn officers, hundreds of thousand of officers of the court and law enforcement officials, from taking action? Is there not one brave and principled representative willing to at least investigate the issues?
  • What are the ramifications? As JP states in his new site,· "...if Obama's unlawful Presidency is left unchallenged by any court of law, then the precedent will have been established that the Constitution is meaningless because it is unenforceable with regards to the qualifications for the Office of President." This has serious consequences for the future our country.

What you can do today...

  • Volunteer to help the Birther Summit: Please visit the site and learn about what Dean Haskins and numerous other key eligibility researchers are doing. Then follow the link below to register as a volunteer. Your state representative will be touch with you to discuss your involvement. Even a few hours can make a difference.· Go to
  • Get Informed. Frankly, our Face book site and email account gets the same objections over and over and over again. Please, those of you don't agree, at least look at the evidence. Those of you do agree, make sure you have all the facts. Visit our resources pages for key links to many of the core sites on this issue:·
  • Read the FAQ's on the Terry Lakin Action Fund Site.
  • Listen to the re-broadcast of the show with David Moxley and CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret). They ask and discuss the issue of inaction on the part of our representatives.
    Listen online at:·
  • Continue to contact your representatives and ask them why they won't act on the evidence.
  • Continue to encourage your local media outlets to intelligently cover the eligibility issue.
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